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Some tales about biological clocks and cnidarians




Prof. Oren Levy - Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar Ilan University


In this talk I will present some the current knowledge regarding the cnidarians endogenous biological clock. In the last few years our team have examine the evidence from behavioral, physiological, molecular, and evolutionary perspectives in regrading to role of the clock machinery in some key cnidarians such as symbiotic corals, Aiptasia and Nematosella vectensis the new model organism. Our research is mainly focus on symbiotic corals that are an interesting model to study the complexities and evolution of the metazoan biological clock. A deeper understanding of this complex issue can help explain coral mass spawning, and how symbiotic organisms measure time and synchronize themselves to their environmental conditions. Our main goal is understanding how two pacemakers, the host and the symbiont, function together in one organism and what is the cross-talk in this holobiont system.

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