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Cuttlefish patterns, bird eggs, butterfly wings, bat noses and cancer cells: Colorful discoveries through calibrated consumer cameras




Dr. Derya Akkaynak - University of Haifa; and The Interuniversity Institute of Eilat


While the title might suggest my talk will only be about consumer cameras, I will share my past and ongoing work in animal coloration and other interesting ecological problems, using other optical imagers like spectrometers and hyperspectral cameras, highlighting the importance of proper calibration. I will demonstrate a camouflage breaking algorithm I have developed based on studying the (unrivaled) camouflage abilities of cuttlefish, which can be run real time on n-dimensional images or video, and can find targets that cannot be detected by the human visual system. Finally, I will talk about my current work at the IUI where I translate advances from eight decades of optical oceanography into the relatively young field of underwater computer vision.

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