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Ocean and coastal acidification in the Gulf of Maine and southern New England




Dr. Matt Liebman - US Environmental Protection Agency


This presentation will describe the recent work that I am conducting with colleagues and partner agencies on the process of ocean and coastal acidification in the New England area. Since ocean acidification emerged as an important issue (mostly from research on the west coast of the US), scientists in the New England area have documented effects on commercial shellfish species, such as the hard clam, and on larval shellfish in hatcheries. Coastal acidification is a modulation of ocean acidification. Our agency is concerned with increased addition of CO2 to nearshore areas and estuaries due to nutrient enrichment. We have conducted coastal surveys to document lower calcium carbonate saturation in Rhode Island, and have recently deployed in situ instrumentation in coastal Maine. We are currently engaged in field research to explore effects of higher CO2 levels on clams along a nutrient gradient in Narragansett Bay. We are working with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other agencies to coordinate research and monitoring and develop strategies for marine dependent industries to mitigate the effects of ocean and coastal acidification.

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