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Geochemical tracing of recent changes in sediment sources in the Levantine Basin, Mediterranean Sea




Dr. Yehudit Harlavan - Israel Geological Survey


Deep sea sediments in the most eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin were derived until recently from the Nile River, the Saharan dust and from coastal streams. The operation of the Aswan High Dam in 1965 had reduced considerably the Nilotic source contribution to the Mediterranean Sea changing the chemical characteristics of the sediments. This change gives an opportunity to trace and evaluate the contribution of other sediment sources in the region. In light of this, sediments were sampled in 52 stations on the northeastern margin of the Nile cone at water depths from 200-2000 m. The CaCO3 free sediments results indicate a good correlation amongst major and trace elements. However, no less important is the lack of correlation between grain size and major elements composition. Significant correlations were observed between 87Sr/86Sr ratio and water depth, Ca/Na ratio, K/Ca ratio and REE chondrite normalized ratios, all suggesting a two end member components probably dust and Nile sediments.

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