Resident Scientists

Frada Miguel

Biological oceanography; Phytoplankton ecology, cell biology and genetics; Regulation of life cycle strategies; Biotic interactions; Populations dynamics.

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Alternative website at the Silbermann Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Genin Amatzia

Biological oceanography and coral-reef ecology. Benthic-pelagic coupling. Predator-prey interactions in the marine environment. Biomechanics and effects of flow on corals, invertebrates and fish.

Holzman Roi

Functional morphology and the evolution of complex functional systems. Biomechanics and hydrodynamics of suction feeding in fishes. Hydrodynamics determinants of predator-prey interactions. Effects of ecology and functional architecture on rates of evolutionary morphology.


Kiflawi Moshe

Behavioral and evolutionary ecology. Ecology and early life history of coral reef fish.

Shaked Yeala


As an aquatic biogeochemist, my interest revolves around the interactions between organisms and their environment, with emphasis on trace metal bioavailability to phytoplankton and redox transformations. I am intrigued by the fact that microorganisms, striving to acquire nutrients and protect themselves from external stressors, actively modify their chemical milieu and in turn influence the biogeochemical cycles of trace and major elements in the ocean. I study fundamental processes and mechanisms by combining field and laboratory measurements and experiments.



Biogeochemical cycling, redox dynamics and chemical speciation of trace metals in aquatic ecosystems. Trace metal nutrition and toxicity to phytoplankton. Phytoplankton's extra-cellular enzyme activity - geochemical and environmental significance. Photochemical cycling of iron and reactive oxygen species in natural waters. Biological production and detoxification of reactive oxygen species

Torfstein Adi

My research focuses on the reconstruction of past climate changes through the investigation of geochemical and sedimentary processes in marine and lacustrine archives.

Main interests: Isotope geochemistry of marine and lacustrine sediments, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, geochronology, sediment provenance, U-decay series.

Alternative website at the Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Fine Maoz

Coral reef biology in a changing environment. Ecological and physiological responses of subtropical and tropical marine communities to environmental stress. Understanding symbiosis of cnidarians with their associated endosymbiotic algae, endolithic and epilithic communities and the way this symbiosis changes under elevated seawater temperature, increased radiation and decreased pH. How will coral reef ecosystems change following a shift in the environmental conditions in which they developed as projected by climate change trajectories? How interactions between acute and chronic disturbances influence the integrity of our planet's richest marine environment?



Non-Resident Scientists

Abelson Avigdor

Ecology and design of artificial reefs. Effects of recruitment on coral-reef communities. Connectivity among benthic ecosystems. The use of marine organisms for pollution biomonitoring in coastal areas. Marine bio-invasion. Effects of sediment on benthic organisms. Phase-shift in benthic marine ecosystems. Marine Protected Areas.

Abramovich Sigal

Paleoecology, Paleoceanography. Foraminifera as indicators of climatic and marine environmental variations

Agnon Amotz

Tectonics and global bathymetry. Rifting and sea floor spreading. Paleomagnitism and archaeomagnetism. Rupture and earthquakes along the Dead Sea transform.

Almogi Labin Ahuva

Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean ecology of living foraminifera in shallow & deep water, paleoceanography of the Quaternary.

Amrani Alon

Organic geochemistry and biogeochemistry, stable isotopes, sulfur cycle, organic-inorganic interactions.

Angel Dror

Marine plankton ecology, jellyfish research, impacts of climate change on marine systems, environmental interactions between man and the sea, multi-disciplinary research into marine resource management, aquaculture-environment interactions, sediment biogeochemistry.

Appelbaum Lior

Molecular neuroscience and endocrinology. The mechanisms and treatments of sleep disorders and psychomotor retardation using the zebrafish model.  Techniques: Genetic manipulations, imaging of single molecules, synapses and neurons in live zebrafish using two-photon microscope and highthroughput video-tracking of behavior.

Avidan Lior

Research interests info is missing


Research interests info is missing

Barak Limor

Research interests info is missing

Beer Sven

Photosynthetic carbon fixation in seagrasses and photosymbiont-containing corals and sponges.

Beja Oded

Marine microbial metagenomics.

Belkin Shimshon

Environmental microbiology; whole-cell biosensors.

Bellworthy Jessica

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere are inducing significant changes in the marine environment. Particularly alarming is an observed rapid increase in sea surface temperature. Corals already live close to their upper thermal limit on most reefs and so additional warming is predicted to severely threaten their survival. Coral reefs are extremely economically (tourism, fishing) and environmentally (diversity, productivity) valuable. Therefore is it of utmost importance to urgently understand corals' response to global climate change and to identify and protect regions which may be resilient to change.

The Gulf of Aqaba has been putitatively identified as a such region where corals may exhibt increased thermotolerance. A refuge.

My research aims to investigate this reef refuge hypothesis further using dominant reef building corals on Eilat's reefs. I use the Red Sea Simulator experimental system in Prof. Fine's lab at the IUI to expose corals to near future predicted climate change senarios. I predominantly assess the physiological response to temperature stress to better under the thermal physiology of corals in the Gulf of Aqaba. In addition I am interested in the transgenerational aquisition of physical traits and how the experience of a parent colony can influence the early ontogeny and environmental plasiticity of offspring.

I am currently a Ph.D. student within the Life Sciences department at Bar Ilan University supervised by Prof. Maoz Fine.



2. Bellworthy, J., Gledhill, M., Esposito, M., Achterberg, E. P., Abundance of the Iron Containing Biomolecule, heme b, during the Progression of a Spring Phytoplankton Bloom in a Mesocosm Experiment. PLoS ONE. In review.

1. Bach, L.T., Taucher, J., Boxhammer, T., Ludwig, A., The Kristineberg KOSMOS Consortium, Achterberg, E. P., Algueró-Muñiz, M., Anderson, L. G., Bellworthy, J., Büdenbender, J., Czerny, J., Ericson, Y., Esposito, M., Fischer, M., Haunost, M., Hellemann, D., Horn, H. G., Hornick, T., Meyer, J., Sswat, M., Zark, M., Riebesell, U. Influence of ocean acidification on a natural winter-to-summer plankton succession: First insights from a long-term mesocosm study draw attention to periods of low nutrient concentrations. PLOS ONE. 11(8) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0159068.

1. Bellworthy, J., Fine, M., The Influence of Parental Feeding upon the Fitness of Offspring under Thermal Stress; A Case Study from a Model Coral Species. 8th ILANIT/ FISEB Conference, Eilat, February 2017

4. Bellworthy, J., Fine, M., The influence of parental feeding upon coral planulae fitness under thermal stress. EPScon 2017, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, February 2017.

3. Bellworthy, J., Finding Super Corals: Environmentally mediated maternal effects in Stylophora pistillata from the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea. 13th International Coral Reef Symposium. Hawaii, June 2016.

2. Bellworthy, J., Gledhill, M., Esposito, M., Achterberg, E. P., The abundance of iron containing protein, heme b, during a natural spring bloom under ocean acidification conditions. Institute for Life Sciences: Life in a High Carbon World. University of Southampton, September 2015

1. Bellworthy, J., Fine, M., The Gulf of Aqaba as a coral reef refuge; Stylophora pistillata is resistant to water temperatures 5°C above the mean summer maximum. Reef Conservation UK. London, November 2014


Belmaker Jonathan

Community ecology, biodiversity and biogeography.

Benaltabet Tal

Research interests info is missing

Benayahu Yehuda

Octocorals, life history strategies, larval biology, symbiosis, marine biology and ecology, artificial reefs, conservation biology, invasive species, biolfouling, marine natural products, effect of recreational fishing.

Berman-Frank Ilana

Carbon and nitrogen cycling in the oceans, aquatic nitrogen fixation, phytoplankton ecophysiology and what parameters control primary production.

Bitan Amir

Fish nutrition and epigenetic manipulations via nutritional programming, physiology & target directed oral administration. Molecular mechanisms for peptide absorption in the digestive system.  Nutritional programming and epigenetic manipulations on fish embryos and larvae using zebrafish and the gilthead seabream as model species.  Development of targeted oral administration solutions for aquaculture.

Brenner Steve

Meteorology and climatology. Oceanography.

Brickner Itzchak

Working on ecology, systematic, and phylogenetics of coral inhabiting barnacles. Current research focus on marine symbiotic associations, including protozoan, acoel worms, barnacles, and corals. I have great interest in invertebrate reproduction.

Cattano Carlo

Research interests info is missing

Chernihovsky Natalie

Research interests info is missing

Diamant Ariel

Parasites and diseases of marine organisms.

Dubinsky Zvy

Algal biotechnology, corals, photoacclimation, photoacoustics, photosynthesis, symbiosis.

Edelman-Furstenberg Yael

Paleoecology of marine environments, especially of differing nutrient gradients. Taphonomy and molluscan shell preservation. Marine geology and paleontology.

Erez Jonathan

Stable isotopes fractionations and trace element geochemistry in live foraminifera. Photosynthesis, calcification, internal carbon cycling and stable isotopes in symbiotic associations. Carbon isotopic fractionation and carbon limitation in algae during photosynthesis. Nutrient fluxes between coral reefs and the open ocean. CaCO3 dissolution kinetics in the deep ocean and in shallow carbonate shelves.

Eviatar Gal

Research interests info is missing

Feingold Daphna

Research interests info is missing

Feldstein Tamar

Sponges, molecular phylogeny/taxonomy.

Gefen Trebes Shany

Research interests info is missing

Gilboa Merav

Research interests info is missing

Gildor Hezi

Physical oceanography, ocean mixing, radiowave oceanography, climate dynamics.

Goodman Beverly

Marine micropaleontology, geoarchaeology and sedimentology.

Goulet Tamar

Ecology and evolution of symbiotic systems and clonal organisms.

Grossman Yoram

Guterman Hugo

Computer engineering: Signal Processing, Biotechnology, Neural Networks, Image processing.

Hartman Alison

Using neodymium isotopes and trace elements to investigate sediment and dust composition and provenance in the Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea along with biogeochemical cycling within the Gulf of Aqaba.

Hochner Benny

Motor control of flexible arms and neurophysiology of learning and memory in cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish).

Ilan Micha

Biology, microbiology and biotechnology of sponges (and other invertebrates), with emphasis on symbiosis and natural products.

Jacobs Corrine

Research interests info is missing

Kaplan Aaron

Interspecies interactions. Role of cyanobacterial toxins. Oxidative stress as a driver of cell death. Cyanobacterial molecular biology. Photosynthetic activity as affected by ambient conditions. C02 concentrating mechanisms. C02 dependent gene expression. Stable isotopes in oceanographic research. Acclimation of diatoms to changes in the light field.

Katz Timor

Marine sedimentological processes including sediment fluxes, resuspension transport, accumulation and geochemical interactions with the water column.

Katzir Gadi

Visual ecology and visually guided behaviour.

Keren Tal

Research interests info is missing

Keuter Sabine

Research interests info is missing

Koch Liat

Research interests info is missing

Kolker Michaela

Research interests info is missing

Komet Dror

Research interests info is missing

Koplovitz Gil

Research interests info is missing

Koren Ilan

Cloud physics, ocean-atmosphere interactions, nonlinear dynamics.

Kushmaro Ariel

Marine microbial ecology, coral microbiology and drugs discovery

Lazar Boaz

Geochemistry of water rock interactions. Open sea nutrients dynamics. U-Th dating of fossil and replaced reef corals. Ra isotopes study of adsorption/desorption and redox processes. Meteoric cosmogenic isotopes C-14, Be-10 and Be-7 in the Dead Sea system.

Lerner Amit

Ocean optics, visual ecology, marine animal vision, polarization and polarization vision in ocean, radiative transfer.

Levy Oren

Biology and ecology of coral reefs, circadian clocks and photobiology.

Levy Liraz

Research interests info is missing

Lindell Debbie

Host-virus interactions in marine cyanobacteria: Ecology, physiology and genome evolution

Lotan Amit

Marine biotechnology.

Lotan Tamar

Marine sedimentological processes including sediment fluxes, transport, accumulation and geochemical interactions with the water column.

Loya Yossi

Coral reef ecology, coral reproduction, coral diseases and bleaching, sex change in corals, mesophotic reefs, coral connectivity.

Luz Boaz

Biogeochemistry, global climate change, three stable isotope systems as tracers of the biosphere and atmospheric/ocean interaction.

Mass Tali

Research interests: Coral physiology and ecology, biomineralization, using molecular and proteomic tools to understand coral calcification mechanism and how calcifying marine organisms respond physiologically and morphologically to changes in their environment.

Oren Aharon

Ecology, physiology and taxonomy of halophilic microorganisms.

Palchan Daniel

Research interests info is missing

Paldor Nathan

Large scale non-harmonic waves - theory and its application to satellite observations and physical oceanography of the Gulf of Elat.

Perry Orly

Research interests info is missing

Ribak Gal

Biomechanics of animal locomotion and interactions of animals with flow phenomena.  

Rinkevich Buki

Marine Invertebrate developmental biology and immunology; cell culture from marine invertebrates; stem-cells in marine organisms; genotoxicity; coral reef biology and restoration.

Sava Ortal

Research interests info is missing

Schwarz Rakefet

Cyanobacterial stress responses.

Shashar Nadav

Sensory ecology, polarization vision, and habitat restoration.

Shavit Uri

Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering

Shemesh Aldo

Paleoceanography; Paleoclimate.

Shenkar Noa

Ecology and taxonomy of ascidians.

Sher Daniel

Marine chemical ecology: chemically mediated interactions between marine bacteria and phytoplankton, cnidarians toxins and venoms.

Silverman Jack

Marine biogeochemistry, ocean acidification, coral reef metabolism, coastal water and sediment quality, biogeochemical modelling.

Stambler Noga

Marine biology of aquatic water including corals reefs, open ocean and coastal area - from the optic and primary producers point of view.

Steindler Laura

Marine Microbiology.

Tarazi Ezri

As an Industrial Designer my focus is how design and design thinking can support scientific research. My research interest is in equipment design, 3D underwater design, user interface and man-machine ergonomics, materials and shapes relationship.

Tchernov Dan

The long and short-term environment changes that effect and modify complex biological systems on a multitude of levels, with emphasis on the study of corals and marine phytoplankton. The enhancement of our understanding of the fundamental effects of global climatic changes on the marine environment.

Treibitz Tali

Marine imaging and computer vision, novel instruments for in situ ocean research

Weiner Steve

Biomineralization.  Microarchaeology.

Winters Gidon

Seagrass - ecology of seagrass meadows in the Gulf of Aqaba, responses of seagrasses to thermal and salinity stress, seagrass mapping, seagrasses as bio indicators.

Yahel Gitai

Suspension feeders, benthic-pelagic coupling, sediment resuspension, selectivity.

Yarden Oded

Fungal growth and development.  Fungi from marine environments.

Yarom Yosi

Cellular physiology of central neurons. Subthreshold oscillations, resonance frequencies and rhythm generation in mammalian central nervous systems.

Yavno Stan

Research interests info is missing

Yuval Boaz

Behavioral ecology of invertebrates; insect-bacteria interactions.

Zilka Miri

Research interests info is missing