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Connecting the scientific and the commercial worlds: A case study of the microalgae and seaweed industries




Dr. Yoni Sharon - VP Business Development and Scientific Lead, UniVerve, Israel


This talk will review the algae industry and some of the scientific activities in the algae sphere post the 2007-2008 microalgae-to-biofuel buzz. After a year working as a Post Doc Research Fellow at James Cook University in Townsville, Yoni Sharon was invited to serve as the Scientific Product Manager at MBD Energy in Melbourne. His focus was to study the renewables and in particular the global algae industry and accordingly shape the company’s product strategy. MBD Energy is an algae aspirant which successfully raised over AUD 70 mm of government, industry and private capital. After three years in Australia Yoni accepted a job in the microalgae start-up UniVerve in Israel and became VP of Business Development. Yoni wish to share his last five years activities with the aim to open the mind of marine sciences students and professionals to new opportunities. The talk is scientific and commercial in nature and is targeted for the academia, industry as well as for the wide audience.

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